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Beet Cancer Crowlers for Pediatric Cancer

ABV 5.5
Style Belgian Wit
Source San Diego, CA
Delivered from Mike Hess Brewing Company
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Product Description

We are very excited to announce our newest specialty Wit beer, Beet Cancer, created by our team of brewers to raise awareness of and support for Pediatric Cancer and Research.

Mike Hess Brewing is raising money for Pediatric Cancer Research through the sale of this crowler of beer, and in turn, are supporting organizations like and

You may pick a purchase price that you are comfortable with from the three shown. If you would like to donate more, you may buy more than one crowler!
100% of the proceeds above the $8 cost is contributed by MHB directly to fund Pediatric Cancer Research.

About the beer: The recipe calls for hundreds of pounds of Purple Potatoes, 55 pounds of Purple Beets, malted and unmalted wheat, and oats. The veggies impart a pink hue and the fruity esters and phenolic flavors are produced by thoughtfully curating our house-propagated London Fog Hazy & Belgian Witbier yeasts. It is lightly hopped with Herkules and Liberty hops. 
About Pediatric Cancer: Pediatric Cancer affects 12,000 children a year in the United States, but despite its devastating effects on children and their families, it remains woefully underfunded, due to lack of profitability and its relative rarity.

Only 4% of federal government cancer research funding goes to study pediatric cancer! More money is spent on prostate cancer alone than all Pediatric Cancers, while cancer remains the #1 disease killer of kids under 15 years old.

By creating Beet Cancer, MHB hopes to raise awareness of Pediatric Cancer in our community, bringing it to top of mind for consideration for your hard-earned gifts and giving.

Thank you for your support.